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Find a New Way to Display Your Memories with Square Photo Prints

When you look at your favorite memories, you’re likely to remember the feeling that went along with them, not just the visual details. That’s why it’s important to have a way to display these cherished moments where you can see them every day, whether they’re pictures of your kids or selfies from your honeymoon. One great option is square photo prints, which give you more space on the page so you can show off more of your favorite moments without crowding them together in one place.

Why should you use them?

Square photo prints are taking social media by storm. A lot of social media profiles that feature square photos look very beautiful and interesting, especially when they’re all put together into one collage. If you want to try something fun and new for your profile, then these prints could be just what you need.

What photo size should I select?

Choosing your photo size is simple and can be done before or after you've taken your photo. Before taking your photo, remember that photos uploaded must be between 1MB and 10MB. To give yourself some wiggle room when cropping, we recommend uploading an image between 2MB and 5MB in size; if it's larger than 5MB, you'll need to do some cropping. You can change your print size within your personal gallery or when editing any of your online orders. The sizes available are: 3x3, 4x4, 5x5.

How can I order my photos?

When you’re ready to order your photos, head over to Square Photo Prints page and select desired size and style. From there, choose which photo you want and how many copies of that image you’d like. You can upload photos from your phone, laptop, Facebook, Instagram, Google Photos, Dropbox and OneDrive. Then, just follow our simple ordering process and we’ll take care of shipping them out!

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