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Turn Pictures into Polaroids - Here’s What You Need to Know

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Polaroid photos have been all the zazz for since the advent of Polaroid cameras back in the ’70s. They are a personal favorite of photographers and people who use them just for fun. In addition, some people are fond of retro photo prints because storing their memories in Polaroids gives off a strong nostalgic vibe.

But investing in a good Polaroid camera isn’t easy. You would need a heavy investment to purchase a camera and also the pricey Polaroid film that comes with it. But with the kind of technology we have access to now, we do not need to spend money on an expensive camera or its accessories.

You can simply use an online service that turns your regular photos into Polaroid, prints them out for you on good quality material, and delivers it to you at a much lower price.

If you’re curious and want to know how to print polaroid style photos, there are two ways you can turn pictures into Polaroid:

1) Use an Online Editor

This option is inexpensive and easily accessible since it requires you to look for any online editor that has an option that turns your photos into Polaroid by giving you an option to choose a border of your choice. You can achieve cool polaroid prints using an online tool or photo editing apps like instaLab, PolyCam, and Polaroid originals.

But this option doesn’t allow you to print high-quality Polaroids and may require a lot of time and effort from you as you may need to first look for the right photo editor, check out the frame options, and then put them on your photo. It’s a long process with little reward.

2) Use a Photo Printing Service

Another thing you can do is use a photo service that allows you to turn your photos into polaroids. The cost is cheap, you can print your photos for as low as $0.60 per photo!

With an online retro printing service like Photo Koala Retro Prints, you can turn regular photos into cool polaroid-style prints on premium-quality matte paper. All you need to do is upload your favorite pictures on the website under the kind of print you want, with an option to add text in each of your polaroids.

If you are a fan of polaroid prints but do not want to invest in an expensive camera, this is your chance to use the service that allows you to make polaroid photo prints online without spending a lot of money. This service will enable you to turn pictures into polaroids within seconds shipped to your location within a specified time frame.

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The Takeaway!

In 2022, we’re bringing back the ‘70s, and that nostalgia can only be reflected through retro photo prints. So you don’t have to sit around and save up for a camera and its expensive gear; instead, you can invest in an excellent online Retro photo printing service like PhotoKoala.

Although there are many apps and online tools that you can use to print pictures as polaroids, you still will not derive the same satisfaction from them as you would if you use a service that turns pictures into polaroids and provides you with retro photos prints.